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                                  PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
 Eugene Gentile RC’80
Dear fellow alumni and friends of Rutgers,
Good day to you. My name is Eugene Gentile, a graduate of Rutgers College in 1980—but please call me Gino, as do all of my friends.
I am honored to have been chosen to lead this wonderful organization into its future. My executive board and I are looking forward to sharing some exciting new initiatives and projects and hope that you will be as happy and enthusiastic about our future as we are.
We know well that we need your help. If you are currently engaged, I hope to advance your involvement. If you would like my help to bring you back to the “Banks,” please reach out and let me know. We have many opportunities at all levels of involvement and engagement, and I am sure that we can meet your needs. And, if we can't, please join us and help plan the events that make sense to you!
Together, we can change this organization, reach out to more individuals, add events and programs that capture our collective interests, continue our great work with current students and young alumni, and grow.
Sound good? Please send me your thoughts, ideas, and interests—I need to hear from you.
Eugene Gentile RC’80
President, Rutgers Alumni Association 5
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