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                                THE BLUE MAXX PROJECT
The Plan and the Name
I figure on 28 months to get this all done and ready. June of ’22. That will be when I
retire from the ranks of the working man and roll on out for a years-long road trip.
So, no real hurry, and certainly nothing to consider an imminent deadline. If I get
ahead of that pace and find myself road-ready six months (or a year?) early … well,
we’ll worry about that then.
I had wanted to spend under $20K,
partly so I could just pay it off and
avoid monthly payments, and largely
because I had an overall figure of
$30K in my head for the completed
roadhome. That leaves up to $10K to
do it up right.
Or, what I hoped would be right. I
want to do it all myself. I have almost
no experience at any of the carpentry
and electrical aspects of the project,
but with YouTube providing a team
of mentors, and plenty of time to “try
again”, I figure that I can figure it out.
I won’t be shy about asking advice, but I want to be hands-on so if something breaks
a couple of years from now, I’ll know how to fix it.
In the last 11+ years at my job, I’ve learned the CorelDRAW graphic design program
pretty well. I promptly put it to work for me creating accurate-scale diagrams of
Maxx’s interior – overhead view
(left), driver’s side, passenger’s side,
cross-section-looking-back, cross-
section-looking-front (see above),
ceiling, floor, cabinets, wiring, bed
on port side, bed on starboard side,
bed across the back, and on and on.
If you ever want to fill some idle
hours during a pandemic lockdown,
I highly recommend designing a
van build-out.